Things to do in Quincy MA
Without Quincy, Boston would not be Boston. This historic and vibrant town has its own flair while still offering super easy access to other parts of the Boston area. Whether you live here or are just visiting, check out one of these destinations. They are each a great way to get to know Quincy, enjoy a relaxing day trip, and maybe even learn a little something.

Take a stroll through Marina Bay.

If the weather is nice and you love fresh ocean air, there is no better choice than Marina Bay. Without a taxing trip into the city, Marina Bay offers some of the best views of the South Shore you can find – plus the picturesque Boston skyline. Drop in during the early evening to grab some tasty street food or ice cream from one of the many stands near the shore. Then, watch the sun set over the ocean, and walk a few blocks to one of Marina Bay’s fantastic restaurants. Or, for a more energetic evening, make your way to the WaterClub, an outdoor nightclub on the water. Whatever your pace, you can find a perfect way to spend a summer evening at Marina Bay.

Tour the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum.

No area showcases its history as well as New England. And nothing brings history to life quite like walking the halls where history was made. So, check out the U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Museum in Quincy Harbor. It is an amazingly preserved piece of naval history, complete with guided tours. The museum even offers overnight adventures for the hardcore history buffs.

Curl up with a book at Thomas Crane Public Library.

Is the weather too chilly for a day at the harbor? Pass some time browsing the stacks at Thomas Crane Public Library. The building dates back to 1882, and features beautiful stained glass from 1908 along with more recent, but still lovely stone carvings. But its charms are not limited to the building. The library hosts free concerts, lectures, reading groups, and community events year-round. Drop in any day to see what events are being held or just explore the collection.