Quincy Rent Calculator

Quincy Rent Calculator
Determine your Budget with our Rent Calculator

With Quincy Pads, you have the best tool on the web to find rentals in Quincy, MA. But before you sign the lease on your dream apartment, you have to figure out your budget. Check out these tips from Quincy Pads to get started. Then, plug your income into our handy rent calculator found here. It is just one more way Quincy Pads is here for you for every step in the process of moving to Quincy.

  • Start with the One-Third Rule. Experts agree that the best starting point for budgeting is to divide your monthly income by three. The number you get should cover all your housing expenses. Remember, though, that the cost of housing is not limited to rent. Utilities, transportation, internet, and other recurring costs should be part of this number, too.
  • Know your own priorities. It is important to consider your lifestyle before setting your rent budget, too. If you tend to live very frugally and spend a lot of time at home, you might be able to afford a bigger place with more amenities. Or, maybe you really just come home to sleep, but spend more of your money traveling or enjoying the city. If that is the case, you might want to look for a price tag below that one-third target.
  • Ask the right questions. Are gas and water included in rent? What do most people in the building pay for utilities? What about heat in the winter? The answers to all these questions and more should affect your decision about whether you can afford a rental. Do not be afraid to ask the landlord. You can even write your questions down before seeing a place to be sure you do not forget.